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Left-Hand Turn Accidents


Making a left-hand turn is riskier on the road than a right-hand turn because the motorist needs to cross oncoming traffic to get to his destination. For this reason, we tend to see more left-hand turn accidents than right-hand ones.

At Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A., we work to obtain compensation when motorists are injured in a collision that is someone else’s fault. Our clients have a variety of expenses, including high medical bills and lost wages. Please contact us today if you were involved in a left-hand turn accident and need legal advice.

The Rules of the Road

A turning vehicle must yield the right-of-way to a car coming in the other direction and should only turn if there is enough time and space to do so. Failure to follow this rule leads to accidents.

Under Florida law, any negligent driver bears partial responsibility for a crash. This means that the motorist who makes a turn without adequate time and/or space can be held legally responsible if they end up colliding with another motorist.

Why Left-Hand Collisions Happen

These car accidents have many causes:

  • A driver might not want to wait for traffic to pass so they take a chance and try to scoot across before traffic reaches them.
  • A motorist might not be paying particularly close attention when they turn the wheel to make a left-hand turn. Consequently, they pull directly in front of traffic.
  • A motorist might not really know the location where they are travelling, so they make a quick left-hand turn to get off the road or because they think they see a side street they want to access.
  • Obscured vision. A motorist might not see a bicycle coming behind the oncoming vehicle.
  • When motorists experience road rage, they might take a risky action that they otherwise would not take.

In some situations, however, the driver who was going straight could be to blame for the collision. This might happen when the motorist goes through a red light. Drivers must yield to stop signs, and they could be to blame for an accident when they run a red.


Many left-hand turn accidents are side-impact collisions, where the front fender of one vehicle slams into the side of another. These accidents can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, concussions, and spinal cord damage.

One reason side-impact collisions are so dangerous is that most cars do not have airbags on the side. Consequently, there is nothing that can cushion the blow when a passenger is thrown side to side. They can collide with another passenger or the side of the vehicle itself.

As with other accidents, wearing a seatbelt should help reduce injuries. Remember to buckle up and put children in an appropriate child safety or booster seat.

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Our Florida car accident lawyers are committed to obtaining the maximum compensation available for our clients. We can investigate a crash to determine fault, then make a claim to an insurer that our clients deserve top compensation. Please contact us today to set up your free, confidential consultation.


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