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Cleaning Products Recalled Due To Bacterial Risk


You definitely don’t want your cleaning products to become contaminated with bacteria. Nonetheless, a New York company has issued a recall after its luxury cleaning products were found contaminated with several strains of common bacteria which can be dangerous to those with compromised immune systems. The bacteria can be commonly found in standing water.

Those with immune deficiencies, those who use medical devices, the very young, and the very old, and particularly susceptible to these strains of bacteria. However, the majority of the population has a healthy enough immune system to fight these infections.

The company was unable to explain how the contamination occurred. It has successfully produced bacteria-free cleaning products for over a decade. However, in most cases, a lapse of safety considerations results in lax standards and problems like this. If anyone is injured due to the contaminated cleaning products, the company would be on the hook for paying out claims related to their injuries or death.

Consumers are being asked to send their compromised cleaning products back to the manufacturer or throw them away immediately. No fatalities have thus far been reported although 11 incidents of infection have been recorded.

Risk factors for infection 

Having a compromised immune system is an obvious risk factor for infection. However, any lung condition that makes it more difficult to breathe will increase the fatality rate of these infections, especially conditions like cystic fibrosis. The bacteria are often resistant to common antibiotics making infections more difficult to treat. Pneumonia and blood infections are common risks of these types of infection.


In this case, the venue is a big deal. New York’s wrongful death statute prevents families from recovering damages related to future lost wages, making it very difficult for grieving families to recover from the financial fallout of a death in the family. A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California which has much more plaintiff-friendly rules. The business is located in New York but predominantly does business over online marketplaces like Amazon. A lawyer would never willingly choose New York to file a wrongful death lawsuit although legislative attempts are currently being made to change the wrongful death statute.

Bacterial contamination lawsuits 

Bacterial contamination lawsuits are almost always the fault of the manufacturer. In these cases, the problem is traced back to the product from injured customers and the company is alerted. The company then issues a recall alerting customers about the contamination. The customers are advised to take a picture of the product and immediately throw it away for a refund. If a customer is injured, then they have to contact a lawyer to commence litigation. They should be able to recover damages related to any medical expenses, lost time from work, and pain and suffering.

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