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Children’s Yoto Mini Speaker Recalled For Potential Burn And Fire Hazards


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated the recall of a children’s mini speaker for potential burn and fire hazards. The recall was announced on April 11 that the Yoto Mini speaker for children is being voluntarily recalled because the lithium-ion battery can potentially overheat and catch fire, posing burn and fire risks. The CPSC advised parents to remove the Yoto Mini from their children’s reach immediately, but the recalled units do not need to be thrown away. Yoto Mini is offering customers a free Yoto Mini Smart Cable. The cable can charge the speaker to a safe level, Yoto said in a statement.

According to the recall, the speaker was sold with a charging cable but did not have an adaptor or charger. Consumers are being asked to cut the charging cable through the middle and upload a photo to the Yoto website with their email and the speaker’s serial number. The serial number is located at the base of the speaker. Once customers have uploaded the photo, they will be eligible to receive a free smart cable. Yoto also said that they have initiated an automatic software update across all of their Yoto Mini speakers to “improve battery management,” according to a statement issued by the company.

The Yoto Mini is a Bluetooth speaker that is intended for children ages 3 to 12. It can be used to play audiobooks, music, radio, and podcasts. The speaker has cards that slide into the speaker device and correspond to different types of audio.

As of now, no customers have reported injuries or substantial property damage. However, Yoto has received 7 reports concerning the speaker overheating or melting, according to the CPSC. 6 of those reports come from American customers, while the 7th comes from the UK.

The CPSC says there are about 251,165 speakers subject to the recall in the U.S. and another 18,932 in Canada.

The speakers are sold online at Yoto’s website as well as major online marketplaces like Amazon.com and Target.com. The speaker was primarily sold in toy and gift stores from November 2021 to April 2024.

Potential product liability cases 

In the case of the Yoto Mini speaker, the speaker can overheat while it’s charging. This can potentially cause burn injuries or fire hazards. In cases where an overheating device causes injury to a customer, the company that designed and manufactured the product is liable. In addition, retailers that sold the product are liable for customer injuries. These companies would also be responsible if the device caused a major fire and significant property damage. At present, no such claims have been filed.

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