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Walmart Sued Over Dangerous, “Exploding” Candles


Walmart is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by a plaintiff who claims she was injured due to Walmart’s Mainstays brand candles. According to the lawsuit, the wax in the candles is capable of getting too hot, catching fire, and even exploding. Attorneys for the plaintiff are reaching out to other customers who purchased the candles in an attempt to find more plaintiffs who may have been injured by the candles.

According to the lawsuit, Walmart failed to disclose the dangerous defect to the plaintiff prior to her purchase of the candles. The lawsuit also claims that Walmart has failed to recall the product or reimburse customers for the cost of the candles or the injuries they have suffered.

Analyzing the plaintiff’s allegations 

In her lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that she was burning the candle for about an hour before it allegedly caught fire, producing flames high enough to cause soot to form on the ceiling. The plaintiff reported being worried that her house was going to catch on fire. She noticed that the flames did not appear to be solely coming from the wick. As a result, she transported the candle to her kitchen sink. There, she said, the candle exploded causing second-degree burns to her skin. The plaintiff claims that the explosion sent fiery wax through the room. She was burned in her thigh area, according to the suit.

The lawsuit alleges that the candles contain improper labeling and fail to warn customers about inherent dangers. According to the label, customers should not allow the candle to burn down to less than half an inch as it can cause a fire hazard. The label also warns customers not to burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time as it can cause the glass to shatter, to trim the wick to a quarter inch before each use, and prevent flames from touching the glass. However, the label does not contain any warning about excessive flames or the risk of explosion.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, numerous other customers have reported similar problems with the candles.

Elements of product liability 

You can file a product liability lawsuit based on three different theories of liability. You can claim that the product is intrinsically defective, had a manufacturing defect, or that the manufacturer failed to warn customers about a potential danger. In this case, plaintiffs are asserting that Walmart manufactured and sold an intrinsically dangerous candle and failed to warn customers about potential dangers.

Damages in this case could include allegations of personal injury through burns or property damage caused by fire. The named plaintiff in the lawsuit contends that she suffered second-degree burns as she was trying to control the fire caused by the candle. She also claims the candle caused property damage to her ceiling.

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