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Understanding The Juul E-Cigarette Lawsuits


One of the largest e-cig companies, Juul, has been hit with over 4,000 lawsuits and temporarily shut down by the FDA. The order was rescinded shortly thereafter, but the lawsuits remain. The biggest and most important claim in these lawsuits is that Juul marketed their e-cigarettes to children by creating candy-like flavors. However, adults like these flavors too. Now, several states have moved to prevent companies from placing flavor juices in their nicotine products. Juul agreed to pay $438 million to settle claims that they marketed their product to children but did not admit wrongdoing. More states have joined in the lawsuit to accuse Juul of unlawfully marketing their product to teenagers.

In this article, we’ll analyze the claims against Juul and discuss the current state of the lawsuits.

Failure to warn 

The vapor industry marketed its products as safer alternatives to other nicotine delivery systems such as smoking and chewing. This may have given some users the wrong impression that their products were not addictive and/or safe. As a result, some users may have suffered serious health side effects unknowingly. You must be able to establish that you suffered injuries and health consequences without fully understanding the product you were purchasing. Plaintiffs will need to establish proof of the health problems caused by the Juul cigarettes.

Parents of children suffering from addiction 

Juul e-cig products found their way into numerous high schools between 2010 and 2020. Whether or not you believe that Juul marketed these products to teens or not essentially does not matter. The multi-district litigation is based on multiple settlements with states and so there is already a presumption of wrongdoing. Plaintiffs need only establish that they are the parent of a child who suffered severe health problems due to Juul addiction. If so, you can pursue a lawsuit against the company.

Vetting plaintiffs 

At this point in the litigation, attorneys for the plaintiffs are vetting potential plaintiffs to pursue claims against Juul. They are asking potential plaintiffs questions like: Did you smoke before you used the Juul product? Did you use any other vaping products? Did you alter the Juul device? Are you experiencing serious health complications right now? What health conditions have you been diagnosed with? Have you had any medical treatment to manage your alleged injuries? The answers to these questions will determine your eligibility to pursue a lawsuit against Juul.

Plaintiffs will need to establish that they experienced a clear and obvious harm related to the use of Juul cigarettes. You will need medical records and proof of medical intervention to establish liability. Those with successful claims can recover damages related to medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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