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Recall Alert: COSORI Air Fryers Recalled Over Fire Risk


Over 2 million Cosori air fryers have been recalled amid complaints that the air fryers catch fire causing burn injuries and property damage. As of now, there are 205 complaints concerning the brand of air fryer with 10 reports of burn injuries and 25 reports of property damage. Consumers are urged to not use the air fryers. The impacted models are listed below:

CP158-AF, CP158-AF-R19, CP158-AF-RXW, CP158-AF-RXR, CAF-P581-BUSR, CAF-P581-AUSR, CAF-P581-RUSR, CP137-AF, CP137-AF-RXB, CP137-AF-RXR, CP137-AF-RXW, CS158-AF, CS158-AF-RXB, CS158-AF-R19, CAF-P581S-BUSR, CAF-P581S-RUSR, CAF-P581S-AUSR, CO137-AF, CO158-AF, CO158-AF-RXB, CP258-AF.

Compensation for victims 

Generally speaking, lawsuits such as these can be divided into two types of claims. First, you have consumer claims against the company alleging some kind of business failure. For instance, I bought an air fryer, it didn’t work, now I have to replace it. The company is responsible for that. So, ultimately, most customers end up with a refund and not much more.

However, a second aspect of the trial involves injuries caused by the defective product. In some cases, these injuries can be extensive, even deadly. Thus far, no reports of deaths have been listed but there are reports of fire damage caused by the defective air fryer. So the chance remains that this air fryer can cause a fire that under the right circumstances, can lead to severe life-altering injuries or death.

As of present, we don’t know what the injuries are. There could be severe burn injuries. They could be very minor burn injuries. Ultimately, you don’t get compensated based on the sort of injury you sustain. You get compensation based on the extent that injury complicates your life.

So, a minor burn injury to your hand may not impact your life much. But, if you’re a professional hand model, then your career may be over. In that case, you would deserve to be compensated for the loss of income. So, in terms of settlements, there’s no way to know what an individual will recover until you understand their individual circumstances.

Obviously, for the company that manufactured the defective air fryer, it’s going to cost money to deal with this.

Kitchen appliance lawsuits 

Kitchen appliance lawsuits generally occur due to electronic component failure. In other cases, safety devices that are meant to prevent serious injury malfunction. This is especially the case with pressure cookers which are the most dangerous household appliance you can have.

When the manufacturer of a product causes injury to a customer, the manufacturer is automatically liable unless the customer altered the device in some way. So, these lawsuits tend to be easier to win than other types of lawsuits. Plaintiffs need only establish that the defect caused their injury.

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