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Personal Massagers Sold By Amazon Recalled Due Fire, Burn Risk


Roughly 80,000 massage guns sold by Homedics have been recalled due to the risk of overheating while charging, according to a recent announcement by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The massage guns pose a fire hazard and burn risk to consumers who purchased the product. The recall includes Homedics’ Therapist Select Percussion Personal Massagers sold in stores across the U.S. Macy’s, BJ’s, Wholesale Club, JCPenny, The Home Depot, and Amazon all sold the personal massagers between September 2020 and November 2023 for around $100 according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The agency said that the recall was issued after Homedics received 17 complaints about the units overheating while they were charging. One consumer reported that they suffered a burn injury to their thumb.

The recall included Homedics massagers with the model number HHP-715 manufactured before 2023. Only model numbers that were produced in ‘20, ‘21, ‘22, are a part of the recall.

Product liability and massage guns 

In this case, the massage gun was recalled due to the risk of overheating while the device was charging. There was likely an issue with the lithium-ion battery or the connection between the battery and the charger. This resulted in the device overheating increasing the risk that the device would start on fire. This could cause injury to customers and property damage.

When a defective product overheats causing injury, the individual who purchased the product is eligible to recover damages from the company that manufactured the product and the retailer who made the product available to the public. In these cases, since the retailer placed a dangerous product into the stream of commerce, they can also be held liable for any injuries that occur. In these cases, consumers will need to find a product liability lawyer who will take the case and litigate it on their behalf.

Product liability lawsuits are often complicated. Massage guns have been implicated in their fair share of product liability cases. While rare, they do cause injury for other reasons other than overheating while charging. In some cases, massage guns can cause bone fractures, especially in patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Deep vein thrombosis is also a risk for individuals who have had recent surgeries. Rhabdomyolysis is a risk for patients who are endurance athletes and who use a massage gun. Whether or not you can file a lawsuit based on these injuries depends heavily on whether or not the company that manufactured the product warned consumers about the risks associated with using it. But lawsuits alleging that massage guns caused serious injury to a customer are not unheard of.

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