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Lawsuit Filed Against Company That Sold Mole Remover Cream


A lawsuit has been filed against a company that allegedly sold defective and unauthorized mole remover cream over platforms like Amazon and through stores such as Target and Walmart. Earlier this month, the FDA sent a warning letter to several companies to remove the product from their shelves or else. At present, there are no “authorized” over-the-counter mole removal creams available to the public.

At issue for the FDA is whether or not the mole remover cream can cause delays in cancer diagnoses. In most cases, moles should be inspected by doctors, according to the prevailing standard of care, so when people begin using products to remove the moles themselves, it could cause a delay in diagnosing skin cancer. That being said, not all of the mole removal creams were listed in the warning letter. Amazon has since removed the mole removal creams that the FDA specified, but still more mole removal creams are available online.

Are the mole removal creams dangerous? 

In a newly surfaced lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that the mole removal cream can cause a burning sensation and permanent scarring. According to the lawsuit, reviews concerning burning and scarring were hidden on the Amazon platform. The cream was also distributed by several other defendants including Target and Walmart.

In this case, the mole removal cream was purchased by the defendant who used it on the plaintiff’s head. The defendant is a barber who owns a barber shop and had intended to help the plaintiff remove an unsightly mole on his head. The barber has also been named in the lawsuit.


There are several folk remedies for mole removal that apply a similar process to the commercial mole removal creams. These creams target the mole tissue and burn it off using chemicals. It remains unclear that this process could be done safely, but in this case, the platforms and products failed to warn users about the potential pitfalls. That means that the lawsuit falls squarely into a product liability case on the theory that none of these companies warned users about potential dangers and potential scarring that could occur from using the product. If so, then the plaintiffs have a strong product liability case on the theory that the companies failed to warn them.

Amazon specifically is claimed to have buried reviews left by customers who suffered chemical burns after using the product. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff suffered severe pain from the mole removal cream and it left him with significant scarring.

The plaintiff can file suit against the barber, the company that manufactured the mole removal cream, and the entity that made the mole removal cream available for distribution. The plaintiff can recover damages related to pain and suffering and permanent disfigurement.

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