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Kratom Product Liability Lawsuits


Kratom is sold as a natural herbal remedy but in reality, it is a dangerous drug that can lead to death. It is widely available across the U.S. and only a handful of states have outlawed the substance. Two recent wrongful death lawsuits were filed against kratom manufacturers and suppliers. Both of these cases resulted in handsome jury verdicts for the plaintiffs.

The largest problem with selling kratom over the counter is that buyers are under the impression that it is an innocuous herbal supplement that can help with a variety of problems. Kratom is used for pain management, mood disorders such as depression, and to help those who are detoxing from opioids. Kratom works on opioid receptors in the brain and thus, one of its legitimate uses is to help those suffering from opioid withdrawal. Kratom, however, is addictive and at least 150 people have died of kratom overdoses across the United States.

The FDA warns about the use of kratom 

Kratom comes from the kratom plant and grows naturally in Asia. It is often sold as a miracle cure for numerous conditions and disorders. In lower doses, kratom can act as a stimulant. In higher doses, it acts as a potent sedative with morphine-like qualities. Kratom is a dangerous substance and those who purchase it from stores are not told about how it can result in death and addiction. In these cases, grieving families have filed lawsuits against kratom manufacturers and distributors for failing to warn about the intrinsic dangers of ingesting the substance.

The FDA has sent out warning letters to several kratom manufacturers and distributors. But kratom is not illegal to import or sell in the United States. Congress attempted to get kratom placed on the list of Schedule 1 drugs that would put it in a similar legal position as LSD, heroin, and ecstasy. Numerous states and counties have outlawed the substance completely for sale, but many have not. It is still legal to purchase in the majority of U.S. states.

Kratom wrongful death lawsuits 

Kratom may not be illegal to purchase, but companies can be held liable when someone dies due to kratom poisoning. One lawsuit filed here in Florida alleged that a mother of four died as a result of kratom poisoning. That case resulted in a jury verdict of $11 million. Another lawsuit resulted in a jury verdict of $2.5 million.

At present, there are few regulations involving the manufacture and sale of kratom products to the public. So, it’s buyer beware. Kratom is a dangerous drug that is readily available at stores and can result in addiction or death. Many use the substance to manage pain disorders or psychiatric illness, but it can result in psychosis and addiction.

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