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JUUL E-Cigarette Product Liability Lawsuits


JUUL e-cigarette company has been hit with a $22.5 million judgment filed by the State of Washington over claims that it marketed its e-cigarettes to children and unlawfully told customers that their products were less addictive. Among the allegations leveled against JUUL were that they helped spark a spike in youth nicotine addiction and undid years of progress reducing youth smoking.

JUUL maintains that its product actually is less addictive than smoking cigarettes as cigarettes contain unnecessary carcinogens and other things that render it more addictive than pure nicotine. JUUL admitted no wrongdoing and only settled the lawsuit to make it go away.

As part of the settlement, JUUL will be required to “stop advertising to children” and avoid all social media advertising with limited exceptions. In 2019, JUUL announced that they would stop all advertising in the United States.

JUUL will also be forced to send “secret shoppers” to vendors to ensure their products are not being sold to children. They must conduct 25 of these secret shopper ventures per month for 2 years.

What about me? Can I sue JUUL too? 

This lawsuit was not a product liability lawsuit, but rather a public interest lawsuit. Sometimes, the government uses the civil justice system to hold companies that violate the public interest accountable for their conduct. That’s what is being described above. Nonetheless, you can file a product liability lawsuit against JUUL if specific criteria are met.

Can I file an addiction lawsuit against JUUL? 

Yes, but you’ll need to prove extenuating circumstances. For example, if you were a youth when you became addicted to JUUL products, then your case is much stronger than if you were an adult who became addicted to JUUL products. Tobacco companies are largely immune from these lawsuits because they warn customers their products are addictive. Nonetheless, there are some circumstances in which you can claim personal injury for your addiction.

Can I file other product liability lawsuits against JUUL? 

Yes, and they’re probably much more likely to win. Two such lawsuits are those that allege that JUUL products caused severe lung damage. The other lawsuit involves exploding JUUL products or battery malfunctions.

If you have suffered severe damage to your health through the use of JUUL products, then you can file a product liability claim against the company. Further, if your JUUL product suffered a battery defect causing it to overheat or explode, such lawsuits are generally quite meritorious. If you have suffered health complications related to the use of JUUL products and began vaping when you were under the age of 18, lawsuits like the one above will make it easier for you to win your claim. You can claim that JUUL illegally targeted you on social media resulting in your present addiction and health complications.

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