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IndyCar To Investigate Flying Tire Incident


The Indianapolis 500 had a brief scare when a tire flew over the catch fence potentially endangering fans. IndyCar expressed concern as each of the vehicles has tires that are tethered directly to the vehicle. So, what caused one vehicle to lose a tire in that fashion is a major concern. One of the rear tires on Kyle Kirkwood’s car flew off after being struck by another vehicle. It is unclear how this occurred, but had the tire struck a fan, IndyCar would have been liable for the damages.

Flying tire accidents 

Flying tire accidents do occur on regular roadways as well. When they occur, it is almost always the fault of the vehicle’s driver who failed to maintain the vehicle in roadworthy condition. Flying tire accidents are frequently deadly, especially when the tire comes from an 18-wheeler. These tires weigh upwards of 100 pounds and when they strike a windshield, they often completely crush the cabin of the vehicle, kill the driver, and total the car.

Duty of care in flying tire accidents 

When a tire flies off a moving vehicle, it is assumed that the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the maintenance, failed in their duty of care, and injury or death resulted from that failure. For commercial truck drivers, the duty of care is expanded because drivers are expected to do routine checks on the tires prior to any delivery. Further, inspections must be made on a routine basis while the vehicle is on delivery. In these cases, a failure to perform routine inspections results in a flying tire incident. In some cases, especially in cases involving death, the driver can be charged with negligent homicide for failing to perform a routine check to ensure that the tires were safe to drive on.

Damages in flying tire accidents 

If a flying tire strikes another vehicle the results are usually catastrophic. When the tire strikes the windshield of a moving vehicle, the driver is almost always killed. It would be very difficult to survive such an accident. Hence, why truck drivers are charged with negligent homicide when such an accident occurs. These accidents are usually preventable.

Flying tire incidents generally do not happen during basic tire blowout accidents. While also dangerous, the tire is unlikely to detach from the vehicle and then strike another vehicle with thousands of pounds of force. However, the driver can lose control of the vehicle.

In some cases, the tire blowout incident is the fault of the driver, but not always. Almost all flying tire accidents are the fault of the driver who failed to maintain the vehicle in roadworthy condition.

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