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Foreign Tire Issues A Recall For Some Otani Tires Due To Risk Of Tread Separation


Foreign Tires has announced the recall of some Otani OH-306 425/65R-22.5 commercial truck tires with a DOT code 0320 according to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). According to the NHTSA, a manufacturing defect can cause a crack in the tread leading to tread separation and a sudden loss of air pressure which could increase the risk of a tire blowout accident. Foreign Tire said they will notify owners and dealers and will offer full reimbursements to customers of the affected tires.

Understanding tread separation lawsuits 

Due to a manufacturing or design defect in a tire, the tread of the tire, or the part that connects the tire to the road, can separate from the base of the tire causing an instantaneous blowout. When a tire blows out while the vehicle is in motion, it is very easy for the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The vehicle begins pulling in the direction of the blown tire, and the driver’s instinct is to turn the vehicle in the opposite direction. This can lead the vehicle to flip over, causing serious injury to the driver and any passengers.

There are numerous reasons that a tread separation can occur. Sometimes, the fault lies with the driver who failed to maintain the tire in proper condition. A tire can be over- or under-inflated resulting in the wearing down of the tread and eventual separation. In other cases, the tire may have been improperly patched following a flat. In those cases, it is very difficult to hold the manufacturer liable for any injuries that occur.

However, in other cases, the fault lies with the manufacturer of the tire. In some cases, the tire itself is designed defectively while in other cases, a manufacturing defect led to impurities in the tire that made the tread more prone to separate. In the case mentioned above, a manufacturing defect is noted as the primary cause of the tread separation. It is unclear, specifically, the nature of the manufacturing defect, which plant produced the defective tires, or why the manufacturing defect is causing treads to separate. However, if anyone is injured as a result of the tread separation and the ensuing tire blowout, the manufacturer can be held liable for those injuries.

Since the tires are made for commercial trucks, the trucks may suffer a tire blowout while en route to a delivery. While the driver of the truck can sue for injuries they sustained as a result of the tire blowout, other commuters on the road can also sue if their vehicle was struck during an accident.

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