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Folding Step Stools Sold On Amazon Recalled Due To Fall And Injury Hazards


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently issued an urgent recall to consumers regarding Topfun Folding 2-Step Stools. According to the CPSC, the stools can collapse in use creating a fall and injury hazard to those who use it. The manufacturer, FuTai Household Supplies has yet to respond to the CPSC’s request to recall the product. Those who purchased the product will be directly contacted by the CPSC.

The CPSC reports that there have been 39 instances of the step stool collapsing, tipping over, or otherwise becoming unstable while in use. 13 consumers reported injuries including a concussion, fractures, and soft tissue injuries.

According to the CPSC, the step stools are made of black and white plastic and measure 17 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide, and have a depth of 13 inches. The first step is about 8 inches high with the top step being 17 inches.

The step stools were sold exclusively on Amazon between November 2021 and July 2023 for between $24 and $62.

The CPSC is urging consumers to immediately cease using the step stools and dispose of them. At present, the manufacturer is not offering consumers refunds or replacements and has not acknowledged the CPSC recall. More individuals can be injured by the dangerous product.

Product liability lawsuits related to step stools 

When a consumer purchases a product from an online marketplace like Amazon, they have a reasonable expectation that the product will work as advertised. In this case, the step stool failed to adequately support the weight of those who were using it. In 13 cases, this resulted in the consumer sustaining injuries.

A consumer can file a personal injury product liability lawsuit against both the manufacturer of a product and the distributor. In this case, the distributor was Amazon. Those injured by the dangerous step stool can allege that Amazon placed a dangerous product into the stream of commerce and exposed them to a preventable injury.

Lawsuits against Amazon 

Traditionally, Amazon has been able to avoid consumer product injury lawsuits by claiming that it is an online marketplace and not a retailer. Large retailers like Walmart are responsible for the products they sell when they cause injury to their customers. Recent court decisions have also ruled that Amazon is liable when its products cause injury. In other words, Amazon has a duty of care to ensure that its products are safe and can be held liable when those products are unsafe. This includes products that were manufactured and sold by third-party companies. The third-party companies are also liable for any injuries that its product causes. In other words, both the manufacturer of the step stool and Amazon can be sued by injured parties to recover damages related to their injuries.

Find an Amazon Product Liability Lawyer in Florida 

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