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Federal Regulators Recall Bokser Home Mattress Pads For Flammability Risk


The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced the recall of Bokser Home Mattress Pads due to a flammability risk. According to federal regulators, the mattress pads violate mandatory federal flammability regulations in regards to fabrics. In other words, the mattress pads pose a fire hazard.

The recall involves all sizes of Bokser Home 100% cotton mattress pads manufactured after October 2022. According to the manufacturer, the quilted box stitch pattern mattress pads have a 100% cotton shell and fill.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers immediately stop using the product and contact Bokser Home for a full refund. Those who purchased the product will be asked to destroy the mattress pads by cutting into it with scissors and sending Bokser Home a photo of the destroyed product. Once the manufacturer receives an image of the destroyed mattress pad, they will issue a full refund.

The Flammable Fabrics Act 

The Flammable Fabrics Act regulates the manufacture of clothing, textiles, vinyl plastic film, carpets, rugs, children’s sleepwear, mattresses, and mattress pads. The law was passed in 1953 to regulate the manufacture of highly flammable clothing. However, the law was extended in 1967 to include interior furnishings such as paper, plastic, foam, and other materials used inside of houses. Today, the responsibility for enforcing the Flammable Fabrics Act is relegated to the Consumer Product Safety Commission which issues mandatory flammability standards. Today, standards have been established for the flammability of numerous products including mattresses and mattress pads.

Why are these regulations important? 

The CPSC sets minimum standards for the flammability of fabrics that are used in everyday life. Prior to the passage of these regulations, there were no standards when it came to the flammability of fabric. Consumers who smoked or otherwise were exposed to fire hazards were at extreme risk of going up in flames due to highly flammable products such as brushed rayon sweaters. Today, the chances of going up in flames because you left a cigarette burning are relatively low. Nonetheless, some companies fail to comply with the federal regulations creating a risk to consumers.

A consumer can file a product liability lawsuit against a company that produces a product that fails to comply with federal regulations on flammability standards. These products not only violate federal law, but pose a risk to American households in the process. While the CPSC caught this company before any injuries or fires occurred, such products remain a threat to American homes.

Filing a product liability lawsuit in Florida 

The law firm of Halpern, Santos & Pinkert represents the interests of consumers who have been injured due to dangerous or defective products. Often, these products violate federal regulations and pose an extreme risk to the individuals who buy them. Our firm holds these companies accountable for their negligence and ensures that future incidents do not occur. If you have been injured due to a dangerous or defective product, please call our Florida personal injury lawyers today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can recover damages related to your medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced quality of life.




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