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Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuits: A Brief Guide


If you’ve been injured aboard a cruise ship, then chances are good that you have questions about whether or not you can file a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit against a cruise line although cruise lines have a good deal of power in how they control such lawsuits. Your ticket is basically a contract that stipulates that if you’re injured, you must file the claim in federal court. Cruise ships can compel you into arbitration and some types of lawsuits may not be pursuable.

So, what types of lawsuits can you file against cruise lines? Below, we’ll take a look at the most common.

Premises liability lawsuits 

Most cruise ship lawsuits will be filed under a theory of premises liability. Property owners have a duty of care to ensure the safety of those who they invite onto their property for their financial gain. If they leave a dangerous condition where someone can be injured by it, they are liable. Cruise ships often face premises liability lawsuits just like Walmart and other proprietors. By and large, these tend to be the most common lawsuits filed against cruise lines.

Medical malpractice lawsuits 

Cruise ships provide their customers with medical services. However, those who get sick may end up waiting in the infirmary for an extended period of time because there is only one doctor qualified to see them. In some cases, the matter will be urgent and the patient needs to be airlifted to the nearest hospital. But what if another patient has already used the helicopter? Issues like these can turn dangerous situations into deadly ones. And often, the quality of care provided by doctors falls well below the industry standard. So, medical malpractice lawsuits filed against cruise lines and cruise line doctors are not uncommon.

Sexual assault lawsuits 

Cruise ships are places where people from all over the world go to enjoy themselves and mingle. With few social ties, it becomes easy for sexual predators to exploit cruise ships for victims. The matter has become a major issue for cruise ship passengers and law enforcement. In some cases, a determination that the cruise line did not do enough to protect their customers can result in lawsuits filed against the cruise line. In one case, a minor was sexually assaulted after older men plied her with liquor served from the bar. In other cases, it is cruise line employees who have committed the sexual assaults. Because of issues related to clouded jurisdiction and a lack of social ties by the customers, sexual assaults occur aboard cruise ships more frequently than elsewhere.

Do I have a viable personal injury claim against a cruise ship? 

You won’t know until you present your evidence to a Florida personal injury lawyer. We can review your allegations and determine the quality of your pleadings and whether or not direct negligence by the cruise line is responsible for your injuries. We provide this service free of charge and you only pay if we win your case. Call the Florida personal injury lawyers at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert today to schedule a free consultation and we can begin preparing your lawsuit immediately.

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