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Common Reasons Motorcycles & Cars Collide


Riding a motorcycle is a terrific hobby, but one that carries considerable risk. There is no question that someone riding on a motorcycle will bear the brunt of any collision between a bike and a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers are not very careful whenever they see a motorcycle on the road.

Below, our Florida motorcycle accident attorney identifies the common reasons that motorcycles and cars collide. Contact us if you would like to discuss your case.

Failure to Yield at an Intersection

Florida has clear laws about yielding at an intersection. If there is a stoplight, then motorists must follow the lights. They also cannot enter, even on a green light, unless the intersection is cleared of cars.

Unfortunately, many motorists do not follow the right-of-way rules. For example, when a car is in the intersection waiting to make a left-hand turn, it must wait for all traffic to pass and not turn until the way is clear. Sadly, many motorists don’t notice a motorcycle coming behind another vehicle, and they pull right into it.

Statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show about 35% of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. This is a very high percentage and shows the importance of paying close attention to yielding.

Motorcyclists in Blind Spots

There are many blind spots around vehicles, and a driver will not see them even if he checks his mirrors before changing lanes. However, a careful motorist should use turn signals, which will notify any biker in a blind spot that the driver is about to make a move. This gives a biker the chance to hit the horn. Unfortunately, many drivers make lane changes without using any signals, and tragedy results.


Even when a motorcycle is not in a blind spot, a careless driver might not see it. Some bikes blend in with surrounding vehicles or even the road itself. There is no excuse for not paying careful enough attention while driving, but motorcyclists can help themselves by wearing something in a bright color.

Reckless Maneuvers

Some motorists try to pass motorcycles recklessly, not believing that they need to share the road with their two-wheeled friends. Other motorists tailgate or pass illegally. Consequently, they can crash into a motorcyclist and cause devastating injuries.

As the Florida rules of the road make clear, all drivers must share the road and cannot pass unless it is safe to do so.

Driver Distraction

Distracted drivers take their eyes from the road and cannot process what they are seeing even when looking. Distractions such as cell phones, GPS devices, and pets can impair a person’s perception, cognition, and reflexes. It is not unusual for a person to look at their phone as they approach an intersection. Unfortunately, they fail to see the motorcycle stopped in front of them, and they ride right into it.

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