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Carnival Facing Lawsuit After Glass Door Crushes Finger


A patron aboard a Carnival cruise has filed a lawsuit against the company after their finger was crushed in a glass door. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was a passenger aboard the Carnival Sunrise when the incident occurred. The passenger was exiting the balcony near the cabins when the glass door closed abruptly, causing substantial injury to their finger. According to the plaintiff, the glass door was malfunctioning at the time and whatever pump device that was supposed to prevent violent closures malfunctioned causing the injury.

This is a premises liability lawsuit that is being filed against a cruise line. In most cases, cruise lines face various sorts of premises liability lawsuits. There have been numerous lawsuits filed against cruise lines on the basis of broken doors. Since a cruise ship is a moving vessel, it is a well-known problem for a cruise ship to have. Guests are injured all the time by malfunctioning doors.

While this lawsuit only involves an injury to the hand, other lawsuits have included head and facial injuries. The plaintiff is seeking more than $75,000 in damages for the finger crush injury.

Foreknowledge a key factor in premises liability lawsuits 

To win this lawsuit, the plaintiff will need to establish that Carnival either knew about the broken door or should have known. The latter allegation is more likely. The exits serve multiple cabins and it will be difficult to get an employee to admit they knew about the broken glass door prior to the accident. However, since employees are supposed to service these areas, it is likely that multiple employees would have used the door prior to the injury. In that case, the plaintiff would have a strong argument against Carnival.

The plaintiff is contending that a malfunctioning regulator which prevents the door from slamming shut is responsible for his injuries.


If the plaintiff wins on the negligence claim, Carnival will be on the hook to pay for any medical expenses, lost wages, and quality of life reductions caused by the broken finger. While broken finger lawsuits don’t necessarily break the bank for a large billion-dollar company like Carnival, these sorts of lawsuits don’t happen in a vacuum. In many cases, they underlie ongoing problems aboard the ship.

The defense 

Carnival can claim that they didn’t have forewarning about the broken regulator and/or the plaintiff should not have put his hand in an area where it could have been injured. In other words, they will either say that they did not have the necessary forewarning for the claim to be actionable or the defendant contributed to his own injuries in a manner that renders them not liable for the injury.

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