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CableMod GPU Angled Adapters Recalled After Causing $74,000 In Property Damage


CableMod has had problems with its angled adapters melting and issued a voluntary recall for its angled 12VHPWR adapters. However, a new report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates the problem may be even more extensive than originally believed. The CPSC issued a recall in February over CableMod’s V1.0 and V1.1 angled adapters citing potential risks of fire and burn hazards if the male connector becomes loose. CableMod recalled 25,300 units after the CPSC received 272 reports of the adapters coming loose, overheating, and melting into the GPU, causing extensive property damage. Gamers have reported a total of $74,500 in property damage claims related to the adapters.

CableMod is recommending that users immediately stop using the product and contact them for a full refund which includes the cost of shipping. Alternatively, CableMod is offering users a $60 store credit for non-customized products. Consumers are instructed to destroy the adapter and upload a photo of the product to CableMod.

Fire hazard and burn injury lawsuits 

Thus far, CableMod’s adapter has only been accused of causing property damage to gamers’ computers. However, there is a risk of fire associated with electrical components that are not properly manufactured. These can result in burn injuries.

Product liability lawsuits that allege burn injuries are common for electric appliances and electronic components. In the case of a recall, it is easy for a potential plaintiff to establish that the product was defective, why it was defective, and how the defect resulted in property damage or injury.

Just because the company issues a recall, it doesn’t mean that they’re off the hook when it comes to product liability. Those injured by defective products can still file a product liability lawsuit against the company for any injuries or property damage that the product causes. In fact, it can be easier for plaintiffs to establish that the product was defective when a recall has been issued. Often, the CPSC details the specific manner in which the product is defective and potential problems that the product can cause.

Burn injury lawsuits 

When a plaintiff is burned by a consumer product, they can file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured or sold the product. Often, these injuries create permanent scarring and sometimes can result in severe limitations to the area of the body affected by the burn. Even when the plaintiff makes a full recovery, you can be compensated for permanent scarring caused by a defective product.

You can also be compensated for any property damage that the defective product causes. In the case mentioned above, customers reported damage to the graphical processing unit on their computers. Often, these are high-end GPUs meant for advanced gaming. So, CableMod will likely be on the hook for compensated customers whose computers were damaged by the defective adapter.

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