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Best Buy Issues Recall For 287,000 Air Fryers Due To Overheating And Fire Risk


Best Buy recently issued a recall of over 287,000 air fryers and air fryer ovens due to an overheating risk. The problem can cause the products’ parts to melt or shatter posing fire and laceration risks. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recent notice that Insignia brand air fryer ovens can overheat causing their glass doors to shatter as a result. In some cases, consumers have reported that the air fryers’ handles have melted or broken when overheated.

Thus far, there have been 24 reports of melting air fryers or broken glass, according to the CPSC. Six reports mentioned that the air fryers caught on fire. However, no injuries or property damage has been reported at this time.

According to the CPSC, the recall covers six models of Insignia air fryer and air fryer ovens. The air fryers were sold at Best Buy and third-party sellers such as eBay between November 2021 and November 2023. The majority of the air fryers were sold in the U.S. with some of them being sold in Canada as well.

The impacted models can be identified by number. Consumers are asked to find the product rating labels on the underside of each unit and the “Insignia” name.

The CPSC is urging consumers to immediately stop using the recalled air fryers and ovens and visit Best Buy’s recall page to receive a refund in the form of either a check or store credit. Eligibility requirements include uploading a picture of the recalled air fryer with the cord cut and submitting a photo of the unit.

Air fryer injury lawsuits 

Air fryers are among the most frequently recalled products in the United States. Consumers have reported numerous issues with air fryers, generally alleging that the units are prone to overheating, starting on fire, causing burn injuries, or electrical shock injuries.

In February of 2023, the CPSC issued a recall for around 2 million Cosori air fryers manufactured by Atekcity. According to the recall, the air fryers had a faulty wire connection that caused the device to overheat. Consumers reported that the air fryers were catching on fire, burning, melting, overheating, and smoking. The CPSC advised consumers to immediately stop using the product due to obvious safety issues.

Those who are either injured by defective air fryers or those who underwent the expense of property damage due to defective air fryers can file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the product and the retailer that made the product available to the public. Typically, consumers report burn injuries in conjunction with defective air fryers and property damage related to fire hazards.

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