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Amazon Sells Products Banned In The U.S. For Babies And Children


Recently, Amazon has faced an issue with some of its sellers selling banned products marketed to families with babies and toddlers. Earlier this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found a vendor from China who was selling a product that is currently banned under federal law. The Safe Sleep for Babies Act prevents the sale of products that pose a suffocation risk to infants and toddlers. This seller was offering crib bumpers for sale that pose a suffocation risk to infants.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that the seller (Lucky_00 from China) had been issued a notice to recall the product immediately, but refused to do so and has not issued a remedy to consumers. Customers who purchased the product will be notified directly by the agency, according to the CPSC.

In addition to the illegal crib bumpers, Amazon has been selling other products that violate the Safe Sleep for Babies Act. These include inclined infant sleepers and high chairs. On December 21, 2023, the CPSC announced the recall of HEAO 4-1 High Chairs. This product was sold exclusively on Amazon. It was also recalled due to a suffocation risk. According to the CPSC, the high chairs pose a suffocation risk because they have an incline greater than 10 degrees in violation of the CPSC’s Infant Sleep Product Rule and the Safe Sleep for Babies Act.

While many of these products have been removed from Amazon’s marketplace, the HEAO 4-1 High Chair continues to be sold on the website. Some have accused Amazon of allowing an “explosion” of products that violate federal regulations on infant safety.

Defective infant sleepers can result in the death of an infant 

When you purchase a product from a site like Amazon, you expect that it has passed several safety tests to be sold in the United States. Indeed, all products sold in the U.S. must conform to federal regulations on safety regardless of where the manufacturer comes from. However, a major online marketplace like Amazon doesn’t necessarily test the products themselves or even vet the vendors. It falls on U.S. regulators to investigate the product and determine whether or not it conforms to U.S. regulations. The process is inefficient and potentially hazardous as most parents will presume that a product sold over Amazon has met or exceeded U.S. safety regulations.

Since 2005, the CPSC has received over 700 reports of injuries associated with inclined sleepers. Inclined sleepers prop the baby up at an angle. These sleepers have been implicated in strangulations, suffocations, falls, and entrapment injuries. According to the AAP, any inclined sleeper can make it more difficult for a baby to breathe. Hence, why they are banned in the U.S. Nonetheless, they are being sold over Amazon.

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