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Florida Stroller Injury Attorney

When parents and caregivers purchase strollers in person at stores or while shopping online, they should be able to expect that they are purchasing a product that will be safe for their child’s use. Yet stroller injuries happen with some frequency, and it is critical for parents and caregivers to understand the very serious risks that these consumer products can pose. Indeed, according to a report from Today, strollers injure an average of 17,000 kids every year, and in the last twenty-plus years, more than 360,000 kids have required treatment in emergency departments for injuries they sustained in strollers. Who is responsible for a serious stroller injury? The companies that make and sell these products may be at fault and can be liable for damages. One of our experienced Florida stroller injury attorneys can discuss your case with you today.

Get the Facts: Florida Stroller Injuries

Beyond the fact that thousands of children are injured in strollers every year in the U.S., what else do you need to know about stroller injuries? The following facts and figures are collated from Pediatrics, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and KidsinDanger.org:

  • Stroller tip-overs are a common cause of child injury, often resulting in serious head injuries and fractures when young children fall from the stroller;
  • More than 50 percent of all reported stroller injuries involve child falls from strollers, and are the most common cause of child injuries in stroller accidents;
  • Stroller tip-overs account for approximately 25 percent of all identified stroller accidents;
  • Majority of child injuries in stroller accidents affect the child’s head and face, and head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, account for approximately 40 percent of all stroller accident injuries;
  • Beyond head injuries, children who suffer injuries in stroller accidents also are diagnosed frequently with contusions, abrasions, and lacerations;
  • Stroller restraints are also a commonly cited in stroller accidents, including situations in which the child slips through a restraint and falls;
  • Restraints can also lead to children becoming entangled in the leg-hole openings of the stroller while they are sleeping, resulting in accidental strangulations; and
  • Stroller recalls occur with some frequency, and between 2007 and 2013, a total of 33 different stroller recalls occurred that led to almost 6 million strollers being taken off the market.

Stroller Defects and Recalls in Florida

The sheer number of stroller recalls that have occurred make clear that these products can have serious defects, and those defects have resulted in child injuries and deaths. Indeed, according to KidsinDanger,.org, five children suffered fatal injuries as a result of using strollers that were later subject to recalls. The following are the most common problems that lead to stroller recalls:

  • Lock folding mechanisms break and result in the stroller suddenly collapsing;
  • Restraints pose a risk of entrapment or strangulation;
  • Stroller part poses a risk of amputation or laceration;
  • Restraint buckles do not latch properly and can become unlatched suddenly or by the child;
  • Seat belt or restraint does not properly restrain the child;
  • Stroller brakes do not actually hold the stroller in a stopped position, even if they are fulling locked; and
  • Stroller seat detaches, posing a fall-related risk to the child.

Contact a Florida Stroller Injury Attorney Today

Do you have questions about filing a product defect lawsuit after a stroller injury? Our stroller injury attorneys in Florida can help. Contact Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. today.

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