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Florida Kitchen Appliance Injury Attorney

Kitchen appliances are a necessity in any modern kitchen, but they can also cause severe injuries to adults and children alike. When kitchen appliances have defects, they can result in serious burn injuries, cuts and lacerations, bone fractures, and many other types of harm. If you or a child in your household sustained injuries because of a dangerous kitchen appliance, you may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit against the maker of the kitchen appliance that caused the injury. One of our experienced Florida kitchen appliances injury attorneys can speak with you today about your case and your options for seeking financial compensation.

Types of Kitchen Appliances Involved in Accidents and Injuries in Florida

What types of kitchen appliances are most commonly involved in serious accidents and injuries? And what types of injuries occur most frequently as a result of these dangerous kitchen appliances? According to Consumer Reports, the following are among the most common types of kitchen appliance accidents and injuries:

  • Burn injuries from cooking fires involving unattended food cooking in ovens, toaster ovens, stovetops, deep fryers, pressure cookers, and microwave ovens;
  • Cuts and lacerations caused by sharp knives;
  • Limb injuries, including bone fractures, caused by range tip-over accidents, especially involving children;
  • Burn and laceration injuries, including facial lacerations and disfigurement, resulting from cookware that shatters; and
  • Serious cuts, lacerations, and amputations caused by food processors and blenders.

Liability for Florida Kitchen Appliance Accidents and Injuries

Who can you sue when you suffer an injury caused by a defective kitchen appliance? A number of different parties associated with the product could be liable for injuries resulting from a product defect, including:

  • Designer of the kitchen appliance or one of its components when a defect in the design caused the injury;
  • Manufacturer of the kitchen appliance or one of its components when a defect in the manufacturing process resulted in your injuries; or
  • Marketer or retailer of the kitchen appliance if your injuries resulted from a failure to properly warn about risks associated with use of the product.

Timing for Your Florida Kitchen Appliance Injury Claim

If you were injured by a defective kitchen appliance product, how much time do you have to file a claim? Under Florida law, most product liability lawsuits, including kitchen appliance injury claims, must be filed within four years from the date you initially sustained the injury. If you do not file your lawsuit within that four-year time window, you can lose your ability to file a lawsuit because your claim will have become time-barred under Florida law.

Contact a Kitchen Appliance Injury Lawyer

Were you recently injured while using a kitchen appliance? Or was a child in your home injured because of a hazardous and defective kitchen appliance? You may be able to file a claim for financial compensation. Our Florida kitchen appliance injury lawyers can evaluate your case for you today and can discuss options for moving forward with a product liability lawsuit. Contact Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. for more information.

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