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Florida Hot Tub Injury Attorney

Hot tubs can be great for relaxing, but they can also pose serious injury risks to children and adults alike. Whether you are staying at a hotel or motel with a hot tub, or you have a hot tub at your own home, or you are enjoying a hot tub at the house of a family or friend, it is critical to remember that hot tubs and spas can be extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons. From drowning accidents and head injuries from slips and falls to burn injuries caused by hot temperatures, our experienced Florida hot tub injury attorney can evaluate your case and determine who may be liable for your injuries. We can assist you with the claims process from start to finish.

Common Causes of Hot Tub Injuries in Florida

How do hot tub and whirlpool injuries occur? According to Nationwide Children’s, the following are among the most common causes of hot tub injuries in the United States:

  • Drowning accidents when a child or adult falls into the hot tub and cannot get out due to a head injury, or when an intoxicated adult falls into hot tub;
  • Severe head injuries caused by diving into a hot tub;
  • Bone fractures caused by jumping into a hot tub;
  • Overheating as a result of staying in a hot tub for too long, or sitting in a hot tub with a temperature that is too high;
  • Burn injuries resulting from scalding hot tub water temperatures;
  • Defective drain suctions that result in body or clothing entanglement or entrapment, which can lead to drowning; and
  • Infections caused by poorly cleaned or maintained hot tub water.

Liability for Hot Tub Injuries in Florida

Many different parties may be liable for hot tub injuries depending upon the particular circumstances of the injury. Parties who are commonly responsible for hot tub injuries in Florida include but are not limited to the following:

  • Hotel and motel owners where a hot tub was not properly maintained, or where a hot tub did not have adequate safety guards to prevent children from sustaining injuries;
  • Neighbors who have a hot tub on their premises and fail to install a fence or other protective guard so that a child cannot wander on the property and drown in the hot tub;
  • Designer or manufacturer of a defective hot tub part that results in extreme temperatures, filtration problems leading to infections, or defective drain suctions; or
  • Owner of other premises where a hot tub injury occurs.

Filing a Hot Tub Injury Claim

Most hot tub injury claims will need to be filed within four years from the date of the injury, regardless of whether you are filing a premises liability lawsuit or a product liability claim. Under Florida law, the clock on the four-year statute of limitations starts ticking on the date the hot tub injury occurs. Failure to file a lawsuit within that time window will result in your claim becoming time-barred.

Contact a Hot Tub Injury Lawyer in Florida

Do you need assistance filing a hot tub injury claim? A Florida hot tub injury attorney at our firm can begin working with you today on your case. Contact Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. to learn more.

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