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Florida Faulty Wiring & Outlets Attorney

Outlets in our home and business are integral for powering our lives. Indeed, we are so dependent—and so trusting—of outlets that most of us plug in appliances, chargers, and electronics without thinking twice about it. Unfortunately, however, faulty wiring and outlets can lead to severe injuries in extreme cases. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury that you believe was the result of a faulty outlet or defective wiring, you may have a claim for damages. Call our Florida faulty wiring attorneys at our law firm directly today to learn how we can help you understand your options and prove your case.

The Dangers of Faulty Wiring and Outlets

Electricity is incredibly dangerous. Not only can it cause electrocution injuries when a person comes in direct contact with electricity, but it can also cause fires that lead to burn injuries and other flame and smoke-related injuries. Indeed, the two biggest dangers associated with faulty wiring and outlets are:

  • Electrical shock. An electrical shock injury can be minor, or it can be extremely severe. If the amount of voltage involved in the shock is high, then the electrical shock injury can result in burned skin, internal organ damage, cardiac arrest, and even death.
  • Electricity can lead to fires. Fires can cause first-, second-, and third-degree burn injuries, the latter of which are the most serious and can lead to loss of use of a limb or amputation. Fires can also cause respiratory injuries and death from the inhalation of smoke. Fires can also cause large amounts of property damage.

Tips for Preventing Injuries

Even someone who’s not an expert in electricity or electrical wiring/outlets can take action to prevent outlet/wiring-related electrocution and fire damages in the home.

  • Inspect electrical cords for fraying. If wires look frayed, do NOT use the appliance.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances and electronics near water. Water is a conduit of electricity.
  • Insert plastic safety caps on outlets in the home when not in use. This can help to prevent curious children from inserting objects into outlets.
  • Don’t overload your circuit. An overloaded circuit can cause fires and electrocution in serious cases.
  • Update the wiring in your home if it’s old, damaged, inefficient, or dangerous. Call a professional electrician for the job.

Who’s Liable Following an Accident?

Even if you do everything you can to reasonably prevent injuries in your home or place of work, accidents are still possible. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of faulty wiring or outlets, you may have a claim for damages. Liability could fall on the shoulders of the party responsible for maintaining electrical wiring (such as a landlord/apartment owner), the electrician or company responsible for wiring the building or installing the outlets, or even the manufacturer of the appliance involved in the accident. When you work with our law firm, we’ll investigate your accident and get to the bottom of how it happened and against whom you may be able to file a claim.

Get Help from a Qualified Attorney Today

Electrocution and burn injuries are incredibly serious. For help with your faulty wiring/outlet claim, please call the Florida personal injury attorneys at Halpern, Santos & Pinkert, P.A., for your free consultation. We are here for you.

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