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Florida Electric Tool Shock Attorney

Power tools are integral for construction, home repairs and remodels, and various projects for homes and businesses. While most tools are perfectly safe when used according to manufacturers’ guidelines, electric tools can pose the risk of shock. While power tools are common and used by many people every day, it’s important to be aware of the risks of power tools and to review safety practices. If you have suffered an electric tool shock injury, you may have a claim for damages. Reach out to our Florida electric tool shock attorneys at the office of Halpern, Santos & Pinkert, P.A. for help.

Tips for Preventing Electrical Shock While Using Tools

Prioritizing safety when using electric power tools is key to injury prevention. Some power tool safety tips to keep in mind, whether in the workplace or at home, include:

  • Carry power tools properly—don’t carry tools by the cord
  • Don’t yank the cord to disconnect it from an outlet; instead, firmly grab the end of the cord to disconnect
  • Protect cords from damage by keeping them away from sharp objects and high temperatures
  • Always use gloves and the appropriate footwear when working near power tools
  • Never use electrical tools in wet conditions unless they have been manufactured for such use
  • Check cords regularly—if cords look damaged, DO NOT USE
  • Choose double-insulated tools for your projects
  • Never try to repair tools while they are plugged in
  • Always use ground fault circuit interrupters

Injuries from an Electric Tool Shock

An electrical shock injury from a power tool occurs when electricity goes through a person’s body to reach the ground. Even low amounts of amperage (the strength of an electrical current) can cause severe injuries, including burn injuries, internal injuries and internal organ damage, and traumatic brain injury. When a power tool is the source of the injury, a burn injury to the hands is the most common injury type.

Can I File a Lawsuit for Damages?

An electric tool injury could leave you with high medical bills, long-term or permanent disability, lost wages and lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering. If your electrical tool injury was the fault of another party, you may have a claim for damages. For example, if the electrical tool injury would not have occurred but for a manufacturing defect that rendered the tool dangerous, even when used per the manufacturer’s instruction, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable for damages.

Our Law Firm Can Help

At the law office of Halpern, Santos & Pinkert, P.A., we know that there are few injuries more shocking—quite literally—than an electrocution injury. If you or a loved one has suffered an electric shock injury while using a power tool, you may have a claim for damages. When you call our law firm, we’ll review your case at no cost and work on your claim on a contingency fee basis. We will manage all elements of your claim from start to finish, from the investigation through settlement negotiations. Reach out to our law firm directly today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your rights.

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