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Bicycle accidents and incidents are very common in South Florida, where the beautiful weather and impeccable surroundings are ideal for both short and long bike rides on an everyday occasion. However, many of the common biking locations in South Florida do not offer dedicated bike paths, which often results in motor vehicles and bicycles sharing the roadways. This ends in collisions between cars/trucks and bicycles, and unfortunately, the end result for the bicyclist is oftentimes serious injury, such as leg, shoulder and brain injuries, and occasionally death.

The law regarding bicyclists is unique and requires the expertise of an experienced attorney. For example, Florida law does not require the operator of a bicycle to wear a helmet. But, if a bicyclist is not wearing a helmet when the accident occurs, and injures his or her head/brain, he or she can be found comparably negligent. This means that the bicyclist is considered to have some degree of fault, and the final settlement or verdict can be reduced by the amount of fault assigned to the bicyclist. Halpern Santos & Pinkert, P.A. has been handling bicycle related accidents for many years, and we stand ready to be of assistance to you or someone you know, if injured in a bicycle accident.